“Hans” wins 1st NPO Gien & “Son Harry Junior” wins 1st Prov. Asse Zellik

11 June 2018

Last weekend there were 2 flights on the program.
Due to weather conditions, the final unloading places were Gien (Saturday) and Asse Zellik (Sunday).

For us it became a stunner with the victory in NPO Section 7 on both flights!
1st NPO Gien against 4,581 pigeons with the NL14-1209225, named “Hans”, as a tribute to the uncle of Jan Hooymans who passed away last week. “Hans” previously won an 11th NPO Blois and is a beautiful blue and white cock who emerges as soon as it becomes tough.
His father comes from Arie Dijkstra and his mother is a full sister of “Harry”.

1st Prov. Asse Zellik against 8,257 pigeons with “Son Harry Junior” NL17-1410056
Again the 056/17 that shows itself, in our loft-stand he was already our best pigeon and now he takes the 1st Provincial.
His father is “Harry Junior” (from Harry x Stareye). His mother is “Daughter Blue Brave”.
Earlier this couple gave 2 teletext pigeons in 2017 (9th NPO Melun and 9th NPO Roye) and a full sister of the mother gave back 2 weeks the 1st NPO Orleans at Jarco de Jong.

Plenty of reason to take a dip in the pool (by Mario – Erik – Evert):

Result NPO Gien:


Result Asse Zellik:

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