F & B Verdeyen (B) won 1st Prov. Montelimar with Grandchild Harry !

6 July 2017

Last Monday 3.July, Montelimar interprovincial flight took place in Belgium.
For Francis and Bart Verdeyen, Steenokkerzeel (B) a 707 kilometer race.

After flying 10.5 hours at 70 km / h, Miss Harry, (B16-2083439) arrived as 1st provincial at Francis and Bart.
(Interprovincial she only had to give 1 pigeon before her!)
What a top performance of this little but nice hen!

The father of “Miss Harry” is a direct son of Harry.
At that time, Harry was paired to his full sister NL09-1375421.
This 421 Sister Harry is also grandmother to 1st Final Pattaya One Loft Race, Thailand in 2017 !
The mother of “Miss Harry” is a topbird of Francis and Bart themselves. Look here for a movie and pedigree of the winning hen:

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