Diny van Oss wins 2-3-4-5 National Melun bred from original Hooymans birds!!

19 September 2018

In the last weekend of racing season 2018, at 15th September, our clubmembers Team Diny van Oss from Velddriel won 1-2-3-4-5 Nationaal Melun against 8.389 birds in Sector III. Also, they have made a result which is seldom seen in national races:

For weeks, they have their youngbirds in top form, but at these final their young birds explode at National Melun (400km).

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th National Melun are all bred from original Hooymans birds, they get them directly from us.

We are very proud at our club members and their super achievements bred from our lines.

Irving – Diny – Rien van Oss, Velddriel

The 2nd National Melun is bred from a grandson of “Harry”.
This cock gave the 8th National Troyes (headwind) some seasons ago.
Pedigree: 2e nat melun

The 3rd National Melun is bred from a direct daughter “Harry”.
Harry was paired to the mother of “Vici” (super racing hen and original from Victor Massart).
See pedigree: Pedigree 3 Nat Melun

The 4th National Melun is bred from a daughter “New Harry”
The hen which was paired to “New Harry” is ‘Laatje 707″ (From Harry x Laatje 56)
From the pairing “New Harry x Laatje 707″ we have a lot of super offspring already.:
2 times top 10 NPO at +500km races at Poelstra & sons
9th National Nanteuil 14.422 birds at Christian vd Wetering
10th NPO Melun at Alex van Zomeren

The 4th National winner also becomes 7th Provincial Acebird Youngbirds Afd.7.
See pedigree: 4 Nat Melun and 7 Prov Acebird

The 5th National Melun is bred from an original Hooymans hen.
This hen is from fatherside from “Dolce Beauty x Elfje”. Elfje is full sister to Harry and mother to 1st NPO Bergerac.
Her mother is from “Harry x 2005 Kannibaal” a supreme breedingpair, from which Jo & Florian Hendriks have very good offspring. See pedigree: Pedigree 5 Nat Melun

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