Big references with Hooymans pigeons!

14 May 2019

The north wind of last weekend turned out to be tailor-made for the Hooymans pigeon. From all over the country we received messages and emails with top prizes won by pigeons from Hooymans lines. Of course we are proud of that and we picked out the most beautiful references.

First there is the Eijerkamp family from Brummen with 1st Prov. Morlincourt – 23,392 pigeons (Section 8).
This year again sublime on track, a real team of winners have created Hans and Evert-Jan around him with top enthusiasts who drive the pigeons to great achievements. Last weekend Eijerkamp won the 1st Provincial Morlincourt against no less than 23,392 pigeons with the cock “Outlaw”. The winning speed of 1254 mpm perfectly reflects the gravity of the flight.
The mother of “Outlaw” comes directly from us and is a direct daughter of “Harry” (crossed against cannibal lines via Herman Pouw).

Click below for the photo of the winner and the pedigree of his mother:


# 1e Prov. Nanteuil – 34.313 birds (Afd.5)

We also received a super reference through Jo & Florian Hendriks, Nijswiller.
A grandson of “Harry” and “Cees” sold by them is breeding the winner of Provincial Nanteuil at C & M Everling (department 5) last weekend against no less than 34,313 pigeons!

Click below for the pedigree of the winning pigeon:


# 2e en 8e Prov. Pont St Maxence – 15.323 birds (Afd.7)

We also received good news via our clubmates Rien & Diny van Oss, Velddriel. Their first two pigeons were bred from a direct Hooymans. Rien, Irving, Erik and Diny have been working hard in recent years and our Hooymans pigeons play a major role in this, of which we are naturally proud. The 2nd Provincial comes from a direct daughter of “Harry” and the 8th Provincial comes from a hen born of “Brother Harry” x “Harriette” (1st NPO Montlucon with Peter Netten and granddaughter of Harry).

Click below for the pedigrees of the two top 10 winners:

2e Provinciaal

8e Provinciaal

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