Members of our racing club are succesfull with Harry offspring!

30 July 2016

Last weekend, 2 of our club members are succesfull with offspring of our pigeons.

At first, the combination Rien and Irving van Oss with loftmanager Erik v/d Laak.
At the youngbirds race from Oudenaarde they won in our Region against 2.400 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8 !!

The first 4 birds are bred from grandchildren of Harry!

See the pedigree of the winner of 1st against 2.399 birds:

452 1e rien v oss


At teammember Christian van de Wetering won the superhen “Blue Lily” her 3rd victory!! As youngbird, this original Hooymans bird won a 1st in Regio C at Morlincourt (1.945 birds). This year she won as yearling the 1st Quievrain and last weekend a new victory in the Region and a beautiful 10th NPO and 9th National NU against 5.616 birds!!

Her father is a halfbrother “Harry” and her mother a daughter of “James Bond”.
Also we see “Kannibaal” lines (via Herman Pouw) and “Mother Henkie” (666 dynasty) in the bloodlines of “Blue Lily”.


368 chris

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