Last race of 2015: National Grand prix from Troyes

14 September 2015

Last weekend 12 September we had our last race of season 2015. It was the National Grand Prix for young birds, for our Section from Troyes (398km). The wheather predictions aren’t good, but in the east side of France, the wheather was better, so our pigeons went to Troyes.

At 8:15, 15.000 birds from Sector III are released, and they had thanks to the south-east wind a tailwind. We did our best to basket many birds, we basketed 162 birds. All our young birds, included the late breds and long distance ones. We did this because of we think the birds will get great experience with a total release and a nice distance.

We expected the birds around 12.30 in Kerkdriel, a speed of 90 km/h. But at 12:08 our system beeped and 1st birds was clocked. 1704 meters per minute (more than 100 km/h !) A small dark checquer hen has found her way to home very quickly. Four minutes later arrived the 2nd birds and 7 minutes later the 3rd birds. In common, it was not a very smooth race, but at the end of the day, most of the birds arrived at home.
Our first birds won a 14. NPO and 16.National (against more than 14.000 birds). Here the pedigree of the first bird:


Also our 2nd birds, “171” was a good price birds, with 32. NPO and 39. National against 14.260 birds.

171 troyes

In our club against 357 birds we won: 1-2-6-14-16-21-22-24 etc.
Also the 3rd place in the club is a Hooymans birds, raced by Christian, and bred from “Beauty Boy”.

In Region C2 against 812 birds we won: 2-4-10-26-33-47-48-50 and in total 31 prizes of 162 birds.

In Sector III against 14.260 birds, we won 16-39-140- etc.

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