Trainingflight from Minderhoud – 2nd April

4 April 2016

Last Saturday, April 2nd, our Region C flew a  training-flight from Minderhoud (58km), our club took this opportunity to test the system clock (with new software). Next weekend April 9 it should indeed all work flawlessly, because the Short Distance discipline begins.

Our preparation for this drilling flight was not as extensive. Our widowers were taken away 1x (10km) and the widows were not even trained before going to Minderhoud. The forecasts, however, were very favorable (much sun and blue in the air with cool temperatures) that we found this opportunity to train we have to take … so again Friday ‘as usual’ with the baskets to the club. Around 70 cocks and 70 hens were basketed.

Saturday was not as predicted in terms of weather. The sky remained closed and there was not enough wind to “blow it open”. Eventually, the pigeons were liberated at 12:30 with a light south-easterly wind. Over three quarters later were our first pigeons on the clock (13:17). They arrived a little earlier but as expected they were not in a hurry to get in (to understand the game yet). In the club we had the 2nd time. On arrivals we were satisfied and at the end of Saturday, there were only a few who had not yet found the home front. All in all a learning experience for our racing team and despite the ‘lesser’ yet again a successful flight. What struck us in this race is that the cocks were relatively better than the hens. The cause is probably due to the additional drilling of 10km they had, or would it be the fact that we do not darken the cocks ?
It was also a nice observation that we have turned a very large number of yearlings at our earliest pigeons.

Now have a rest in the tent and the pigeons on the Vitesse quietly teach the ‘game’. Next weekend we fly Asse-Zellik (124km), we hope for good weather, but the term “fine weather” means something different for everyone  :-).

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