Last weekend: Super NPO results with Hooymans lines!!

27 June 2017

Last weekend of 24th June, a lot of Super NPO results were achieved with pigeons from Hooymans lines!!

Last weekend, the difficult weather conditions seemed to be perfect for our Hooymans birds. Besides, of course, our own 3rd NPO (and 8th NPO from Christian) we also received reports from head pigeons who have Hooyman’s lines in the pedigree. A few nice references follow below

Jo en Florian Hendriks won 2 times top10 NPO with grandsons Harry.

Section 4 Limburg, NPO was flying Montlucon on the program. 2,160 pigeons were in competition and father and son Hendriks did have 2 pure head pigeons. Good for the 2nd and 5th NPO!

The 2nd NPO winner is the cock NL15-1130838. In his carreer till now, this superbird won:
4. Sens – 2.077 b.
8. Rethel – 1.137 b.
14. NPO Limoges
14. Rethel – 1.486 b.
and now 2nd NPO Montlucon.

The 838 is a grandson of “Harry”. He is a full brother to “King Kong Harry” who was 2nd National Acebird Long Distance NPO for J & F Hendriks in 2016!

Here the pedigree of the 2nd NPO winner:

The 5th NPO Montlucon was achieved by another 2-year old cock: NL15-1130828.
Last year, this cock won already another teletext notion with  9th NPO La Souterraine!
Also he did win a 33rd NPO Limoges, 72nd NPO Argenton and 82nd NPO Sens.
With a 5th NPO Montlucon now, this 828 is a very good one for Jo en Florian.

The 828 is also bred from a direct son of “Harry”. Look at his pedigree:

Diny van Oss wins 9th NPO Bourges

In our section NPO, Diny van Oss won the 9th NPO Bourges against 4.118 birds.
The mother of their promising yearling NL16-1665459 is inbred to “Harry”.
See the pedigree:

Marco van Kraanen wins 10th NPO Bourges

Also the 10th NPO in our Section NPO is bred from Hooymans pigeons.
Marco paired his “Jans Favoriet” (combine winner and teletext at Pommeroeul) to a direct daughter of “Jim” (a very good racer for J. Hooymans with 4 x 1st price, unfortunately lost in a race). This pair gave Marco different 1st prizes.
Now a child of this pair, NL14-1226016 becomes the winner of 10th NPO Bourges.

“Jans Favoriet” is bred from a granddaughter “Jonge Bliksem” x “granddaughter Harry”.
“Daughter Jim” is bred from “Jim” (Blauwe Bink x Polleke) x “Daughter Ome Sjaak”.
So our stampair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” we see back in the pedigree many times. Take a look at the pedigree:


Combinatie van Wanrooy wins 3rd NPO La Souterraine


The champion colony of Van Wanrooy, Geffen, is great on the go. After a crushing result on Argenton, La Souterraine’s NPO flight was once again a success.

Their first pigeon, NL15-3541307 wins the 3rd NPO against 3.095 pigeons and consists for 25% of Hooymansblood.  The father of the 3rd NPO winner is bred from “Brother Harry”.
Combination van Wanrooy bought the only brother of “Harry” who was ever on sale, and this brother gave them already different top10 prizes against many pigeons. So, their “Brother Harry” is father to:
2e NPO La Souterraine
3e NPO Ruffec
6e NPO Gien
10e NPO Nanteuil
And now grandfather to 3rd NPO La Souterraine.
See here the pedigree of the 3rd NPO winner:


Also the 1st National Bergerac against more than 8.000 pigeons at Leen Pruijsen is bred from Hooymans lines.
We give you more information about this winner later this week.

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