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27 January 2015

In the acebird championships in SAMDPR oneloftrace, the Hooymans birds showing their capacities. 

“Hot Spot Averages”
No less then 5 Hooymans birds, classifies themselves in the Top100 in the “Hot Spot Averages” championship (it deals about the 5 Hot Spot races).

Against a total of 2.677 birds, the winning the following prizes: 8-47-73-75-86-125-174. First ranked Hooymanspigeon is the “Small Amore I”. At the 4th Hot Spot race, this bird won the 5th prize! Her father is a direct son of “Cavendish” (1e Nat.Asduif WHZB Vitesse) x “Laatje 56” (2e NPO Salbris, sister Harry). Mother is a full sister to 2x top10 NPO winning hen “Hind” , and she is direct daughter to topbreeder  “James Bond” (and brother Harry).

asduif hotspot

Against de Dutch competitors, the Hooymans birds scored the 1-5-8-9-10e  acebirds over the Hot Spots.

“Grand Averages”
This championship counts all Hot Spot races, all trainingraces and the Finale. The pigeon who did this in the shortest time, is the 1st Acebird. At the Final race, the biggest ‘hits’ were given, because of the long race time.

At place 17 we see “Small Amore I” and on place 31 “Myrtle Reflection I”, two Hooymans birds. These two are also the 2 best Dutch birds. As 5th Dutch pigeon, we see at place 115 “Bai Haun” and as 6th Dutch bird, we see at place 126 the Hooymans bird“Inl I”.

“Myrtle Reflection I” is bred from “Halfbrother Harry” x “Daughter Harry”.
“Bai Haun” is bred from “Brother Cavendish” x “Daughter Roney” (Roney is a full brother of Harry)
“Inl I” is bred from “Brother Harry” x “Daughter 666” (H.Melis)


No less than 9 out of the 15 best Dutch acebird, belongs to Jan Hooymans & Hu Zhen Yu and Team Hooymans, we are very satisfied with this.

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