9-13-14-15-17-18 NPO + Teletekst Melun !! Children New Harry in the top!

4 September 2017

Last Saturday, September 2, the flight of truth was presented to youngsters on the program, Melun, 395km.

With the predicted northwest wind it would be a wonderful test for the youngsters and should distinguish the “men from the boys”. It turned out to be a spicy flight because the first pigeons arrived after 14:06, which seemed to be flying at 8:45 at the very least 5.5 hours, good for speeds just under 75 kilometers per hour. Ideal conditions for the Hooymans pigeon.

In total, 6,025 pigeons were unloaded for this NPO flight, of which 135 of us were subdivided into 95 middle distance and 40 ZLU/Marathon youngsters. The birds came as a missile and at 14: 06-14: 07-14: 07-14: 07-14: 08-14: 08-14: 09 it was look like a short distance flight.

After turning the clock it turned out to be a wonderful result.
In the club against 367 pigeons it became: 2-4-5-6-7-8-9 and so on!

At NPO level, Division 7 against 6,025 we score: 9 (teletext) -13-14-15-17-18-21-51-54-80-82-86-89 and a total of 36 pigeons 1:10.
Also the price of 63/135 was very good, especially given that we had 1/3 ZLU pigeons. Below the top100 NPO:


Our first bird was a wonderfull blue hen, 1410057. Last week at Niergnies she was also our first bird.
At provinical level she won that time just out of the top100.

She was named by soigneur Evert “Alies”, named after his mother.
The father of “Alies” is a son of “Harry x Stareye”.
That’s why he is a half-brother of “Beauty Harry” but also of “New Harry“!
The mother of “Alies” comes through Christian v.d. Wetering from “Blue Brave” who is also present in Kerkdriel today.

A full sister of “Alies” also won the 9th NPO Roye at Christian a few weeks ago.
Another brother has finished 5th Pigeon Young in Region C.
A promising couple for the future. Below is the picture and pedigree of “Alies”

Our second bird was 17-1410218 and she is a direct daughter “New Harry”.
She wins the 13th NPO Melun against 6.025 birds. The mother of “218” is a daughter of “Harry”.

Our 3rd bird was 17-1410089, also a direct daughter to “New Harry”.
She wins 14th NPO Melun against 6.025 birds. Her mother is a full sister to “Dolce Vita” (Pieter Veenstra).

It was striking that 3 other children from New Harry win the following top scores: 21-51-54 !!
So at the top54 of 6,025 pigeons there are no less than 5 direct children New Harry!

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