5-9-10-11 against 15.323 birds at Pont St. Maxence! Daughter New Harry in front!

13 May 2019

Headwind, our pigeons definitely had to deal with that last weekend 11 May from Pont St Maxence (340km).
It was beautiful Dutch weather, about 16 degrees and a strong, fresh north-west. Pigeons that are fine can deal well with this, but pigeons that are not in top shape and who miss (on) the boat on such flights.

The pigeons were only released at 12:30 PM because of an overflowing shower front. More than 4.5 hours later, at 5:07 pm our first pigeon from the right line hit the valve. For the first time this season a widow hen came in front, a direct daughter of “New Harry”. The first few weeks it was mainly the cocks that made the ‘nice weather’, while the hens trained with passion and felt good. Now it was turned around and many hens came in the head.

The result was excellent. Against 15.323 pigeons we start with 5-9-10-11-13-24 and we make 55 prizes from 125 basketted pigeons.
43 pigeons make a prize 1:10 and 17 1: 100.


The first pigeon was the NL17-1410221, a hen.
Her father is “New Harry”
Her mother is a inbred to “Kannibaal”, via Herman Pouw.

The second pigeon is the NL17-1410976, a widower.
He won an 8th NPO Chateaudun last year.
His father is “Alex Harry 850” from “Harry x Alexia”
His mother is “Leontine” who, as a yearling, won 3x TT and we have in our breeding loft via Leon Dautzenberg.

The third pigeon is the NL16-1662842 a hen.
She also won an 8th NPO Chateaudun last year and is a full sister of “De Peter” which is 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance was with Christian vd Wetering (Team Hooymans NL) last season.
Her father is from the “800” of Scheele.
Her mother is a full sister of “Harry”.

A few seconds later (4th pigeon) is the NL18-5141036 and she is a full sister of the 1st Ace pigeon of Pattaya (grandchild New Harry).

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