4x Top100 National Sect.III Chateauroux !! Daughter Harry wins 21st Nat.

24 July 2017

Last Saturday, 22nd of July, our only really national one-day long distance race of Holland was on the programm.
As usual, this national race was hold from Chateauroux, 612 kilometer for us.

At 7.25 the birds were released and we expected high speeds because of the southerly winds. That the birds would go as fast as they did however, we never expected! The national winner, Comb. Van Zoeren from Putten, wins by 1845 meters per minute, what is almost 111 km/h !! At 13:15, our first bird trapped the antenne (1746 mpm), followed in a minute by the second one. After 45 minutes, 34 of our 91 basketed birds arrived, so the birds came pretty quick.

In our club our first 2 birds did win gold and silver against 211 birds.
In Regio C against 1.039 birds we won 8th and 10th and we had 12 birds in the top100.
In NPO Afd.7 against 3.544 birds we won: 16-18-48-67-100-161 and 14 x 1:10.
In the National Sector III against 11.369 birds, we made a pretty good result with 41 prizecards of 91 birds (45%) included 22x 1:10. We start with 21st and 26th National and we are satisfied with that.

Our first bird was a very good yearling hen, directly bred from Harry. She did won some very nice prizecards in her short carreer, included 2 times 6th in the Regio. Now she showed with a 21st National that she could be used for the longer distances too. Her mother is a daughter from “Dolce Beauty x Hetty Blue” (Veenstra x Scheele).

The second bird was “Jean”, a cock from 2015. Till now he won:
12e NPO Blois
24e NPO Bourges
26e Nationaal Chateauroux
His father is “885 Brother Beauty Harry” and his mother is Jeanette (sister Harry and mother to 1st NPO, 3rd Final Samdpr and 3rd Final Balkanic OLR). So “Jean” is a very close inbred, we see 3 times our stampair in the pedigree (Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje).

Our 3rd bird, 15-1849177 is bred from “Alexia” paired to an original Van Dyck cock.

Our 4th birs, a hen 16-1663277 is bred from “Harry” paired to “Sister Vici” (Victor Massart).

With the young pigeons we have also started.
They have now had three flights, Duffel, Asse Zellik and Lessines.
We fly with over 150 young pigeons and the losses are (happily) minimal.
The performance is not yet great at this time, but the goal is to have a good result on the ‘beautiful’ youngbirds national races (the last 3) so we can hopefully bring some nice results to you in a few weeks.

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