4th National Bourges – 16.658 birds with direct son “Harry Junior” !

11 July 2018

Already a few days ago, but on Saturday, July 7, we flew from Bourges.

It was a (semi) national release of no less than 16.658 pigeons, brought together by the departments 7-8-9-10-11 and some German pigeons. At 6:50 everything went up in the air for us 565 kilometers, with a predominantly north head wind.

We had 111 pigeons in the fight and had a lot of confidence, especially in the widow hens.
The last one day long distance they won 8th and 10th NPO and they looked great.

For the first time we also had our best yearling cocks in the basket for a long distance race, including the 17/1410056, who arrived weekly with our earliest pigeons and in the pigeon championships ‘speed’ at regional level still threw high eyes. However, our specialization in the one day long distance is given priority and the 056 also had to show what he would have in store in a one day long distance race.

After more than 8 hours of flying, at 2:52 PM, a pigeon came up from the right corner, which fell like a bullet on the flap of the loft. The same loft where our phenomenon “Harry” flew from. The speedometer tapped 1166 meters per minute, and the thought of once again a 1st NPO became lively. It was again the 17/1410056 that showed itself from the front, but now from a tough one day long distance race. In the end there were 3 quicker pigeons in the competition, of which 1 from clubmate Diny van Oss. The win was for Jarco de Jong, for whom it was the second NPO victory this season and from which we bought his first winner (NPO Orleans).

It was almost a quarter of an hour waiting for number 2 and then the pigeons came off pretty quickly. At the top, it was mostly widowers who first got a long distance race. The widow hens, however, came very bad, the 10th pigeon was only a hen. Actually opposite that we expected. Partly because of this we score 40 prizes of 111 pigeons, divided into 10 prizes of the 50 for the hens and 30 prizes of 61 cocks.

So our first pigeons were all widowers.
The first on the basis was the NL17-1410056 “Son Harry Junior”.
Great on the run with now 12 prizes on 13 basketings, of which 10 prizes at least 1:20.
A few weeks ago he took the 1st Division 7 on Asse Zellik against 8.257 pigeons.
Now he qualifies as 4th National against 16.658 pigeons. What a class bird and pure all-round pigeon.

His father is “Harry Junior” (direct son “Harry” x “Stareye”)
(Stareye also is mother to New Harry, so Harry Junior is halfbrother New Harry).
His mother is “Daughter Blue Brave” via Christian vd Wetering.

The pairing Harry Junior x Dochter Blue Brave seems to be a superpair!!
In 2017 they were paired up together for the first time:
* 056/17 wins 1st Afdeling Asse Zellik and 4th National Bourges.
* 057/17 wins 9th NPO Melun (hard race) and was our best youngbird
* 355/17 wins 9th NPO Roye as young bird at teammember C vd Wetering
* 356/17 wins several topprizes 1:100 and became 1st Acebird Youngbirds 2017 at teammember C vd Wetering.
For us a very successful link that we would like to make again in 2019.

Also our second bird NL17-1410503 is a child of such an super pairing,  “Dolce Beauty” (Pieter Veenstra) x “Alexia” (super sister of Harry).
The 503 wins 29th National Sector 3  Bourges against 10.639 birds.
Earlier he was 15th Nanteuil against 3.607 birds
He won his 9th prize out of 13 basketings.

Thirth bird was NL17-1410749 direct from “Cees” (super brother Harry) x “Mother 400” (Harrie Kennes, mother to “400”, 1e National Asduif Midfond)

Our fourth is from “New Harry” x “Daughter Harry” mother Harriette, 1e NPO Montlucon at Peter Netten)

Our fifth bird is from a son of “Harry x dochter Birdy” paired to “Ariëlle” (original Arie Dijkstra).

Also other pigeons in the top 10 of Bourges come from Hooymans lines, of which later this week more.

Below the results in Sector 3 against more than 10,000 pigeons.

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