4-5-6-7-8-9e Roye in our club as a closing of season 2017. Child New Harry at the front!

13 September 2017

Last Sunday the last flight of the season 2017 went out.
It became a combined flight of old and young birds (natour/late tour) and we took part with 242 youngsters (early and late).
For the first time since years, we have overcome such a beautiful team of youngsters, so we can choose to make a top selection for season 2018.

In Roye (295km) the pigeons were unloaded at 11:45 with a strong southwest wind.
What we feared also became reality, the pigeons came back from the north and continued to turn many laps before coming in.

Nevertheless, we win in the club against 311 pigeons still 4-5-6-7-8-9-11 – 13- untill -28 etc!
In Region C1 against 942 pigeons we clocked 20 pigeons in the top100.
We will not be talking about the performance in the department, our corner (club) will not fit anywhere in the department.
But we are not complaining about this because you know this beforehand. Normally you did not win anything with a southwest wind in our nearly 120 kilometer (!!!) deep section.


Our first pigeon, the 1410048/17 is a direct child of “New Harry”, paired to “701 Sister Harry”.

Our second bird, the 1410528/17 is bred from “910 Brother Harry” paired to 16/498 (Goede Zwarte x Vici, pure Victor Massart)

Our thirth bird, the 1410052/17 is bred from “Halfbr.Blue Brave” (“Father Blue Brave x New Stareye” C.v.d.Wetering) paired to 15/938 (direct daughter to Harry x Last One).

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