3rd NPO and 8x top100 at NPO race from Bourges !

26 June 2017

Straight from the south she was coming, the blue yearling pigeon 788/16. Due to the strong wind and rain, she had lost the ‘slice’ and stayed for two minutes (!) around the loft, after which she landed elegantly on the antenne. A top notation of NPO Bourges we didn’t think about after she had lost so much time … but eventually it turned out to be a 3rd NPO Bourges in Division 7!

At 8:45 the pigeons started on the return journey of Bourges (563 km) with southwest wind and showers on the way. We had send the widowhens and the old cocks, 61 pigeons in total. The middle distance race pigeons arrived a couple of hours earlier and they were totally upset and the course was very bad, so we are afraid for Bourges. After the arrival of our first pigeon 788/16 (at 14:44) we had to wait until 14:57 for our next pigeon. Then we clocked 37 from 61 pigeons in half an hour and we were not dissatisfied about this.

Our result in the club against 284 birds was: 1-4-7-8-11-12-13-14 (61/30)

In Regio C against 1.173 birds we won: 2-21-33-35-49-50-51-52-64-74-76-77-80-83-87 etc (61/34)

In Afd. 7 NPO against 4.118 birds: 3-28-47-49-81-83-86-87 etc (61/37).
In total 23 birds in the best 10% (=38%) ! 



Our first clocked bird was a yearling hen, named “Corrie”. Untill Bourges, she did win 4 prizecards (1x in best 10%) so she didn’t belong to our favourites for this race. But her parents are both proven breeders. Now “Corrie” showed her class by winning 3rd NPO Bourges.

The father of “Corrie” is a direct son of “Harry” (paired to granddaughter Jonge Bliksem). In England children won 3 times top10 federation.

The mother of “Corrie” is a direct daughter of “James Bond” (Paired to Mother Henkie).
This hen is also mother to ‘Blue Lily’ from teammember Christian and she did win 3 times 1st prize and 9th N.U. Issoudun against 5.616 birds.


Our second bird is a 2 year old cock, 15/392 and he won a 28th NPO Bourges. He is a direct son of “Harry” and full brother to “Harry Holland” (who won 7th NPO Chateauroux and 10th NPO Blois in 2016). At motherside we see Gebr. Scheele and Henk Melis.

Our 3rd bird wins the 47th NPO Bourges and this is a 2 year old hen, 15/185. She was our first bird at NPO Vierzon (67th NPO winner).
Her father is “Son James Bond” and her mother is a daughter to “Harry x Paulien”.

By the way, our 3rd NPO was not the only pigeon in the top10 that ran “Hooymans blood” through the veins.

The 8th NPO Bourges is an original Hooymans bird raced by Christian vd Wetering. This yearling cock is bred from “Father Blue Brave” (Heremans lines) and the mother is the fantastic ‘brother x sister’ pairing “Harry” x “Alexia”.

The 9th NPO Bourges won by Diny van Oss is bred from an inbred “Harry” hen.
The 10th NPO Bourges won by Marco van Kraanen is bred from 2 original Hooymans pigeons.

Later this week more info about it.


We also raced from Pont St Maxence (337km) with our yearling cocks and Marathon pigeons.
Also the ZLU marathon race from Pau (1000km) , re-scheduled to Mont de Marsan, was held on Saturday.
ZLU vlucht Pau werd vervlogen (vanuit Mont de Marsan).

At the middle distance against 203 pigeons we won 2-5-8-13-14 (53/14).
Our first pigeon was the cock 16/003, bred from a son of “Harry x Esmee” paired to “Kim” (1st NPO winner and daughter James Bond) Provincial we started with place 44 against 5.952 pigeons.


At ZLU race Mont de Marsan we send 9 birds. They were released at 24th June 7:35 and from 21:00 we get home 3 of 9 birds. First bird was a 2-year old hen 15/446 and she won the 5th prize in our National Basketing Center.
At the ZLU website we are ranked 203rd National at the moment.




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