2nd National Melun – 10.654 birds with inbred to “Harry” !!

20 September 2016

2nd National Melun Sector 3 with inbred to “Harry” !!

Hans Dekkers from Hedikhuizen again showed to be a topfancier. At the National Race of Young birds he won the 2nd National from Melun (400km) against 10.654 birds with his topbird “Pellé”. A super performance of “Pelle” because the wind was not good for his situation.

The “Pelle” is bred from 2 birds of Hans Besseling, a friend of Mr. Dekkers.
Hans Besseling has an impressive breedingloft included some original Hooymans birds, and every year he test some young birds at the loft of Hans Dekkers.



“De Pellé” is at both father – as motherside bred to our “Harry”.

Father of “Pellé” is a grandson to “Willem” (son Harry x Olympic Schanulleke) and “Gebroken Pootje” (Sister Harry)
Mother of “Pelle” is a granddaughter to dreampair “Harry x Last One”.
This pair gave at Jan & Rik Hermans the father of “Friendship” (1e National Chateauroux KBDB against 44.239 duiven in 2015 at Rik Hermans !)

Below the pedigree of “Pellé”


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