2-14-16-22-23-24-25 NPO Issoudun!! Victor Harry wins 2nd NPO !!

7 August 2017

At Sunday 6. August, our last NPO race 2017 for old birds was hold, for us from Issoudun (590km distance).

It was a total release together with NPO departments 7-8-9-10-11.

In our NPO department 7, in total 2.895 birds were basketed. We sended 80 birds and 11 longdistance birds, so 91 in total.

At 7.30 AM, the birds were released. The first few hundred kilometers, the birds had a north westly wind.
Gradually, this wind turned in Belgium and the Netherlands to west-southwest.
We assumed 1400mpm, but Bourges (KBDB) added these expectations to 1350mpm.

This expactation was good, because at 14:40 the first pigeon arrived as a bullet from the south.
It was a dark chequer yearling widower, direct son of “Harry”, named “Victor Harry”.
His speed of 1368 mpm eventually turned out to be too little for the 1st NPO, but with a second NPO we are also very satisfied.
“Victor Harry” was also the 2nd fastest of the total N.U. release!

The following pigeons also arrived very rapid, we did have more than 30% of our pigeons in half an hour.
We made a super series of 10 pigeons at the first 30 NPO! Below the Top of Division 7 at NPO Issoudun:

Back to our first pigeons. First of all, the “Victor Harry” with a second NPO Issoudun.
Just like “Baron Harry” (1st NPO Bourges), “Victor Harry” as a young birds has only been basketed on 1 late tour race from 160km !
Nevertheless, “Victor Harry” won this season 9x on the score of which 4x 1:10.
On all three daily flights he participated in this year he wins his prize. A promise for 2018 ?? Below is picture:

The father of “Victor Harry” is our icon “Harry”.
What Harry’s direct children perform this year is exceptional.
A few weeks ago, another son, Harry, won the first provincial Asse Zellik.

Mother of “Victor Harry” is the BE14/087, direct granddaughter “Goede Zwarte” of Victor Massart.
In addition to superhen “Vici” (2x 1st federation and mother 3x top10 NPO TT) we bought at Victor Massart’s total auction his main birds in the winter of 2015. The “Victor Harry” is one of the first “test products” of this Massart x Hooymans crossing.

Below the pedigree of “Victor Harry”:


Our second bird, 14/567, a widowhood hen, wins the 14th NPO Issoudun.
A steady hen with earlier 3x top100 NPO One Day Listance races.
She is a direct daughter of “James Bond” paired to “Mystique” the incredible John Crehan hen with many 1st prizes.

Our 3rd bird was a yearling cock, 16/003.
This yearling won earlier a 2nd and a 10th in our strong club at the middle distance.
His father is a beautiful cock bred from “Harry” x “Esmee” (olympiad hen from Tj & J Elzinga, we did cobred with Esmee).
Mother is “Kim” (1st NPO Pont St Maxence) and she is a daughter to “James Bond”.

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