1st Noordelijke Unie INTERPROVINCIAL, 3rd National Bergerac ! Also 2-7-11-20 NPO !

30 July 2018

Last weekend, the national marathon long distance race from Bergerac (849km) was hold.

Our team of yearlings, who also had to deal with the heavy Agen ZLU some weeks ago, we had completely thrown into the fight and they have resisted, more about that later. As many as 47 pieces went into the basket. In our NPO Section 7, 1367 pigeons were in competition. More than 16,000 pigeons nationwide.

The question was whether it would be a morning release (our preference) or afternoon release, but in the end it was a day off with a day delay at 14:00 on Saturday 28 July.

That was early on Sunday and around half past six Mario was present at the lofts. After taking care of some pigeons and cleaning the loft, he walked to his guard post and in the meantime he saw a pigeon approaching after a half turn on the ridge of the loft. After one and a half nervous minute the NL17-1411525 pressed on the antenna at 06:13:05, good for a speed of 1593 mpm.
The number of reports both National and in the Sector was still nil, so there followed a few exciting hours. In the end the performance of the “525” was good for the 3rd National Sector III and the 11th National of the Netherlands against more than 16,000 pigeons!

Above the picture of the 525, (3rd National Bergerac). It is a small chequer hen, and felt super nice once a day after returning home. She had punched 2 pens and went into the basket for 12 days of brooding. At Agen ZLU Yearlings she already raced the 106th National.
We have obtained her father via pigeon friend Cor de Heijde. In addition to tips and advices, there are also super pigeons from Cor. He comes from a beautiful son of “Don Michel” (stock father) coupled against a daughter of “De Bordeaux x Cahors Duivin”. The Bordeaux won the 1st National Bordeaux ZLU and was bred out of “Future Boy” (full brother Harry). The Cahors Hen won 1st National Cahors.
Mother of the 525 is a scratch white hen, born from a joint breeding with Hugo Batenburg. His phenomenal “Jonge Witbuik” -line coupled to a full sister of “Harry”. See the pedigree here:

The other yearlings did not leave us at all. Of the 47 racers, 16 prizes flew (National Sector III). After the 16th pigeon the followers also came after so the losses are limited. Our (coming) yearlings have earned their place in the long distance loft for 2019 because after two tough races (Agen and Bergerac) with heavy temperatures the chaff is separated from the wheat.

In Division 7 NPO against 1.367 pigeons we win: 2-7-11-20-66-118 etc. The results of the NU (zone 1) and of National Sector III are shown below:


The second pigeon (7th NPO, 22nd National Sector III) was the NL17-1411350 a blue hen on 14 days of breeding as well.
Again a small ball, soft with plume and 3 pins bumped. The father comes directly from Cor de Heijde and the mother is a daughter of “Harry” (crossed with a granddaughter Don Michel).


The third pigeon was NL17-1411541 also a hen and she wins the 11th NPO Bergerac (31st National Sector 3).
At Agen ZLU she won the 4th in the yearlings competition at the National Inkorf Center. (she was then also our third pigeon).
Her father is a son of “Harry” (coupled to granddaughter Don Michel) and her mother comes directly from Cor de Heijde from his old top lines and a touch of “Annet” (1st National Barcelona)

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