1e Section National Burbure UK with “Harry”-line!!

8 June 2017

Often we get a lot of credentials of achievements achieved by descendants of “Hooymans pigeons”.
Last week we received a top reference from Terry Marshall from England, one of whom we would like to inform you.

Terry bought  a pigeon at Pipa, the “Beauty Inbred” (1209914-14) from “Son Harry” x “Jeanette” (sister Harry) and this purchase bred the best young pigeon of the Federation in 2016. But last weekend, another child of the purchased Beauty Inbred flew into the head of National Burbure (355 miles – 570km). This yearling won the 1st Yearling Derby and won the 1st prize in the Section One against 2,476 pigeons !!

Terry emailed us: “The Beauty Inbred bred a big winner for me from National Burbure. Beauty Inbred is proving to be a super breeding hen!”

Below the picture and pedigree of “Beauty Inbred”, mother to 1st Nat. Section Burbure against 2.476 birds:

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