1st Provincial Afd.1 Acebird One Day Long Distance, from “Harry” & “Doutzen” line

5 November 2018

Again we got a wonderful reference, now from Department 1: Zeeland ’96.
The two-year cock NL16-1578258 from A. Beekman & Zoon became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance (500-750km)

From the combination we received the following mail:

Dear Jan,

I know that there are many beautiful / good references from the descendants of the Harry, but I want to pass on one to you.

This year we (A.Beekman and Zn) became day long distance champion from Zeeland and also had the 1st ace pigeon long distance of the entire department.
This ace pigeon is a grandchild of the young Harry of Anton Ruitenberg on his mother’s side and is therefore a great-grandchild of the Harry.
He raced, among others, 16th NPO La Souterraine against 8600 pigeons.


Tom Beekman

A. Beekman & Zn., spelers 1e Prov. Asduif Dagfond 2018


Looking at the pedigree of the provincial ace pigeon, we see that our stock pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” comes back on both sides.
The father of the ace pigeon comes via J. Hendriks & Zn. from a daughter of “Doutzen”.
Doutzen won the 10th NPO Chateauroux with us and is a full sister of “Harry”.

The mother of the ace pigeon comes from Anton Ruitenberg, from the “Jonge Harry” (son of Harry), a gifted breeder for Ruitenberg.

The combination of ‘Harry’ and ‘Doutzen’ we also see in the 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2018 of M & M Kramer!

See below the pedigree of the topper of A. Beekman & Zn.


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