1st District with grandchild New Harry & other topbirds in Afd. 4 Limburg

24 July 2018

Last weekend with the youngsters, Jo Hendriks & Zn. and  Leon Dautzenberg achieved excellent performances
Both fanciers win the 1st in their District.

Jo & Florian Hendriks win the 1st Charleville against 1,071 pigeons with grandchild “New Harry”.
According to Florian, this crack could have been the fastest of all Limburg, if he came in.
He lost some time but still wins the 1st of 1,071 pigeons. Earlier, this pigeon already won the cup with the 9th March against 2,314 pigeons.
His father comes directly from Jan Hooymans, from “New Harry” x “2005 Inbred Kannibaal” (of which Hendriks is very successful).

See here the pedigree and the photo of the father of the winning pigeon.



Leon Dautzenberg wins 1-2-3-4-5 against 918 youngsters

Leon Dautzenberg takes it a step further and has the fastest 5 pigeons in his District.
This was 2-3-4-5-6 against 4,091 pigeons! The first four pigeons fall within 1 second and the fifth pigeon follows 10 seconds.

Hooymansbloed is bred in both the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th pigeons. Leon reported that he has crossed all Hooymans pigeons and that he is very satisfied with this.
The 2nd pigeon (3rd of 4,091 p.) Comes from ‘Jimmy Boy’ (Harry x Leontine)
The 3rd pigeon (4th from 4,091 p.) Comes from a grandson of both “Harry” and “Laatje 56” (Sister Harry), but also “Hilde” (Sister Harry) we see a generation further back.
The 4th pigeon (5th from 4,091 p.) Comes from a direct son of “Harry” (coupled with an inbred Cannibal)
The 5th pigeon (6th of 4,091 p.) Comes from a daughter of “Sunny Boy” (Brother Harry). Sunny Boy was then accompanied by a daughter of “Hilde” (Sister Harry) again

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