13th NPO and 7x top100 at Derbyrace Roye

14 August 2017

Sunday, August 13, the Derbyrace for young pigeons was on the program, and was hold from Roye (293km).

We sended 150 young pigeons, last week we divorced them and they are “on the door” system in the coming weeks.
At 9:30 they were unloaded 8,752 pigeons in total. On the way there was little wind, mainly north-west.

At 13:03, the first pigeon arrived, who stay on the roof. In spite of furious attempts with a “dove duck” it is only possible to clock the bird at 13:05. It was a youngster of the 3rd round, NL17-1410529. Speed ​​of the pigeon was 1364 mpm. Within half an hour, half of the 150 pigeons arrive and afterwards it is still dripping so that we have a 140 pigeons back in the evening.
At the time of writing, there are 7 pigeons on the way, on a number of 150 pigeons we do not find that a wrong results.

In the club against 417 pigeons we start with: 4-8-10 and win 39 prizes from 150 pigeons.
In Region C against 2,528 pigeons we start with: 13-34-47-62-63-64 etc. and here we win 57 prizes of 150 pigeons.
In Division 7 NPO against 8,752 pigeons we start with the 13th-37th-50th-73th-74th-76th NPO, 30 pigeons 1:10 and 73 prizes of 150 pigeons.
Because of 1/3 of the basketed youngsters are bred from Long Distance / ZLU pigeons we can be proud of the good price.

Below is the result of the top10 of our strong club, whose numbers 1 and 2 were fly on Teletext.

Our first bird, 1410529 and is a grandchild of 4 superbirds.
He won 3 prizecards at 5 races.
The father is a cobred with Koen Minderhoud.
His supercock “De Geeloger” paired to our superhen “Alexia” (1st NPO winner, mother 1st NPO and grandmother 1st NPO!)
The mother of our first bird is a full sister of 1st Provincial Asse Zellik’17 at own loft. She is a direct daughter of “Harry”, paired to the “2008 Kannibaal” (via Herman Pouw).
Our 7th bird, 84th NPO Roye, was also bred from this hen, but was then paired to “New Harry”.

Our 2nd bird, de 1410106, wins the 37th NPO Roye.
Father is “Harry-Birdy 62”, direct son of “Harry x Birdy”
Mother to “106” is a halfsister to “Harry”, bred from “Jonge Bliksem”.

Our 3rd bird, 1410233, wins the 50th NPO Roye.
This bird is a full brother of sister to “Alyda”, 1st NPO Bourges and 8th NPO Blois.
Bred from “Dolce Beauty” x  “Alexia”.

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