11th NPO Orléans won by yearling daughter Harry !

30 May 2016

Last Saturday was our 1st-day long distance NPO race for the door. We had 117 pigeons in the battle, these were our widows and the entire ZLU-distance team. We decided to play the cocks on short distance because they had missed a flight in preparation by poor health. The form is next to the cocks we saw last week at Melun, when our first pigeon took the 9th of 2999 pigeons.

Because of the forecasted sweltering weather forecasts and the norther wind the organisation had decided to shorten the race and move to Orléans. At 7:00 pm the birds were released.. We kept in mind that it could be a tough flight. The combination of high humidity, high temperature, in the east wind and the ‘haze’ (not optimally view) usually does not cause easy flights. For our ZLU team a good test case to make some flight hours and prepare for the extreme long distance.

Mario thought if we clocked before 14:15 it would be early. The wait took longer than expected and the sun came in handy. 14:53 came directly from the west a pigeon that landed after a lap of honor on the valve. It was a chequer yearling widowhood hen, 15-1849551, daughter of Harry and listening to the beautiful name “Jamy”! Her time of 14-53-19 (flying nearly 8 hours) is good for a 1st in the club and the 11th NPO. Her father is Harry and her mother is a daughter of “Mother Henkie” (Henky won 4x TT at Fry the Joode). From the same bloodline also comes the “Afgekeurde” which won for us the 7th prize in the final of the South Africa One Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2016! Below is the pedigree of “Jamy”:

jamy 551


In the club against 238 duiven we won: 1-2-3-4-7-8-17-18-21-23-25-26 etc (33/117)
Regionally we start with the 3rd and have 6 birds in top35 against 1.472 birds.
In the section/NPO against 5.554 we won: 11-30-35-36-72-73-279-307-371 etc (117/33)

Our 2nd bird won 30th NPO, it is 12/113, bred from a full brother Harry and a hen of Arie Dijkstra.
Our 3rd bird was also a yearling and wins 35th NPO, bred from a son of “Harry” !
Our 4th bird wins 36th NPO, it was “Annie” (10.NPO Bourges last year).


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