Granddaughter Harry becomes 1st Nat.Acebird NPO Middle Distance!!

2 September 2016

Granddaughter Harry becomes 1st Nat.Acebird NPO Middle Distance!!

Joseph Poelstra & sons from Utrecht are the owners of a super racing hen:  “300”.
This incredible yearling hen, brings the Poelstra family to all national stages this winter, thanks to the super results during season 2016.

300 poelstra

So, the “300” achieved the following titles:

  • 1st National Acebird Middle Distance NPO
  • 1st Best Yearling Netherlands – Pipa Rankings
  • 1st Acebird Middle Distance/Long Distance Netherlands- Pipa Rankings
  • 1e Provincial Acebird Middle Distance Afdeling 7 Midden Nederland
  • Topcandidate for WHZB/TBOTB
  • Different toptitels at Provincial and Regional level

This ultime racing hen is bred from a son of “Blauwe Brouwers”, an important breeder for Poelstra.
The mother of super “300” is no less then a direct daughter of “Harry”!!
At that time, Harry was paired to the beautiful “557”, a daughter of “Davinci x Zus Harry”.
A full sister of “557” is grandmother of 1st National Acebird Japan 2016.
From a halfsister of “557”, Batenburg-Vd Merwe bred the 8th International Narbonne Yrl. in 2016 !

Hereby the pedigree of the mother of super “300”:


Good luck to Joseph and his sons, and good luck too for superlady “300”!


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