“Harry” passed away…

17 August 2018

Last week we had to let sleep in our topper “Harry” .

In the last few months, the overall condition of “Harry” declined more and more.
An investigation by Henk de Weerd taught us that “Harry” carried a large tumor with him.
After several recordings at the veterinary clinic of Belgica de Weerd, it turned out that the tumor proliferated and the organs in the body of “Harry” were under pressure. This was also shown by the manure. It was greenish yellow in color, indicating that the kidneys and liver had a reduced effect. The last weeks the tumor grew explosively towards the lungs of “Harry”. Because of this he got more and more stuffy and cooing was getting softer. “Harry” still defended his nesting box with hand and especially tooth, but we all saw that it could not last long.

The video below is made a few days before his death.

After careful consultation with Henk de Weerd, it was decided that “Harry” would not suffer any longer than necessary, and the decision to let him sleep was taken. No easy decision to let your eyeball go to sleep, but the best decision.

Fortunately we have a nice number of descendants of “Harry” in the loft. Descendants who performed or bred super. Also in many other lofts at home and abroad the “Harry’s” perform exceptionally well.

See below a list of beautiful references from the “Harry” family. Perhaps the best reference for 2018 is that the “TGV” from M & M Kramer will probably be 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance NPO. This top cock is bred out of a grandson of ‘Harry’.

List of references: referenties 2018

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