Grandchild Harry wins 1st North West Acebird of the UK!!

10 November 2016

John Crehan has a promising new racing star on his loft, a beautiful Grandchild Harry bred in 2016 by Jan Hooymans.
This fantastic young bird becomes 1st North West Region Ace Young Bird Award 2016!

The Region has 1800 members and the granddaughter Harry is the No.1 Young bird in the Region. Any of these 1800 members can apply for the award although obviously only the members with birds with good enough prizes enter their birds for selection.  There is only one award in the young bird category which makes it even more pleasing as you know it’s the No.1 young bird from all applicants!!

The 148/16 won 3 times top 10 in the federation:
1st Yeovil against 305 birds (3rd against 1.571 b.)
2nd Tewkesbury against 789 birds
9th Tewkesbury against 946 birds

Here the pedigree of the super granddaughter Harry. The father is a direct son to “Harry” and Harry was paired to his halfsister “900”.
900 also is mother to “Janny”, super breedinghen for Gebr. Scheele and mother to at least 5x top10 NPO.
The mother of the super young bird is direct Koen Minderhoud and a full sister to his racing legend “Geeloger”.
A perfect crossing of 2 fantastic racing lines.


In Johns’ experience he has found that any birds that he has had selected for these awards grow on to be super pigeons in the future. Super pigeons as Mystique and a few others. So hopefully the granddaughter Harry also grow out to a legend!

John Crehan has a big season 2016 overall, with many victories. Recently you could read a nice article about John at the Pipa website.
Click here to read this article:

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