New Year’s Eve with the arrival of “New Prince” from Wout Spierings

31 December 2019

Hooymans Pigeons closes the year with a bang !!

“NEW PRINCE”, the super crack in the 2019 season of Wout Spierings ( 1st National La Souterraine, 3rd NPO Issoudun, 4th NPO Chateauroux) is moving to Kerkdriel! This super yearling also became 2nd Ace Pigeon Long Distance PIPa Rankings.

Last weekend the auction of Wout Spierings on Pipa ended. We already bought the Mother and Grandmother of “New Prince” there. Two beautiful hens. During our visit to Wout Spierings (and partner Bas Strijbosch) today on New Year’s Eve to pick up these two acquisitions, we were so impressed by the qualities of top cock “New Prince” that we did our utmost to get him to Kerkdriel .

We are extremely curious as to what this quality boost will bring us.

From this place we wish everyone a very healthy and sporty 2020.

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