1st National Bergerac with line Harry and inbred Stampair!

29 June 2017

At 24th of June, in Sector 1 the marathon race National Bergerac was released at 14:30h.
In total, 8.389 pigeons participated in this long distance race.

Leen Pruijsen from Moerdijk did send (among others) his beautiful blue cock NL14-3430896 “De Cor” into this race. At previous races last seasons, this cock showed his class several times.

With a southwest wind the pigeons stormed to the Netherlands. The “Cor” had no trouble with the 820 kilometers because he jumped non-stop to his house in Moerdijk and arrived there at midnight at 02:40 !! The speed: 1999mpm, or 120km per hour, and that for more than 800km long! Final result: 1st National Bergerac against 8.389 pigeons!

The “Cor” is a crack cock, in 2015 and 2016 winner of together 6 prizes at marathon races, including a 30th NPO Bordeaux against more than 9.000 pigeons.

The father of “The Cor” is bred by a good pigeonfriend of Leen, the long distance top fancier Cor de Heijde from Made. As honor to Cor de Heijde, Leen did call his winner “The Cor”!
The mother of “The Cor” is also bred from a cock of Cor de Heijde.
In the pedigrees we see many Hooymans blood. (Cor de Heijde and Jan Hooymans have many pigeons from each other).

The father of “The Cor” is a “GRANDSON HARRY”
The mother of “The Cor” is a granddaughter to “FUTURE BOY”.
Future Boy is a full brother of “Harry” and already father to 1st NATIONAL BORDEAUX !
So at father- and motherside of the national Bergeracwinner, we see our stampair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” in the pedigree. Another proof that our stampair can make the difference at 100 km races and at 1000km races. Look at the pedigree of “the Cor”:

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