11-7-2015 : Melun + St.Vincent ZLU

13 July 2015

Last weekend we had 2 races on the program:
* St. Vincent ZLU (1027km), we basketed 10 birds
* Melun (395km) we basketed 54 birds

*** St.Vincent ZLU was escaped at Friday 10th July at 6.45AM .
First Dutch bird arrived around 22.00 at one of the shortest distances. We are present at Saturday morning 5.00 AM, but had to wait till 10:26 before our first bird arrived. It was the 2-year old cock 13-598 and he won the 3rd prizecard in our N.I.C. (National Basketing Center) against 54 birds and the 11th prize in Afd.7 Midden Nederland. In his pedigree we see on his father and mother side the pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje”.


598 st vincent

At 10.54 arrived our second bird, the 11-782 and she won the 5th in the NIC and 16th in Afdeling 7. Finally, 3 of our 10 birds winning prize.

*** Middle distance race “Melun” was escaped at 7.00 AM. Because of the temperature (25 degrees) we thought about speeds around 1400 mpm. At 11.23 we were surprised to see arriving “Alyda”, who won 2 times NPO Teletext already this season. Should it be a topprize again? She makes more than 1500 mpm! Shortly after her arriving we heared speeds from around 1540mpm so she was not in for winning again a teletext notion. But with a 3rd prize against 1.046 birds she was doing a great job.


Our second bird was 12/417, daughter “Cavendish” and gr.daughter “Harry”.
The result in Regio C2 against 1.046 birds was:  3-21-44-45-49-70-97 etc.
With a percentage of 40% prize (54/21) we were satisfied.

We try to bring the birds to topform for coming weekends’ national race from Chateauroux (611km), to achieve a topresult. If we will succeed…we will see it coming weekend. Good luck everybody!

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