Grandchild “New Harry” wins 1st Interprovincial & 8th Interprovincial !

27 april 2018

In Italy, the racing season is already at the longer distance races. The last 2 weekends, (14th April, 21st April), in Italy the first interprovincial races were on the programma. These races are middle distance (around 300 kilometers).

In nice circumstances (1250mpm) a grandchild “New Harry” showed his quality by winning 1st Interprovincial and 8th Interprovincial against both almost 1.000 pigeons in 2 consequtive weeks for the loft of combinatie Padovano – Correggiari.

The father of this interprovincial winner is a direct son of “New Harry”.
The mother of the winner is a direct daughter of “Stareye” (mother New Harry and Harry Junior).

Congratulations for Padovano-Correggiari and we hope we will hear from them again.

Below the pedigree of the winner:

“New Harry” seems to be a very good successor of “Harry” again. In 1 year time, at 5 different lofts grandchildren win 6x 1st prizes.


Below an overview of the nicest references of New Harry from last season (with bold results 2018)

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