John Crehan (UK) (Crehan & O’Connor) has a fantastic start of season 2017!

22 mei 2017

John Crehan (UK) (Crehan & O’Connor) has a fantastic start of season 2017!
His original Hooymans birds doing a great job, and this is only the beginning!
Johns’ plan is to participate in the national races too, to test the Hooymans birds to the limit.

In his club, he won in all 7 races till know the 1st price!
In the federation and combine, we will give you the weekly results:

At 8th April, race from Wollaston.
Against 1911 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-16 !

At 15th April, race from Worcester.
Against 2.374 birds: 15-28-30-31-etc!

At 22nd April, race from Tewkesbury.
Against 3.250 birds: 1-4-7-10-etc!!

At 29th April, race from Tewkesbury.
Against 3.726 birds: 16-17-22-31-etc!

At 7th May, race from Hullavington.
Against 5.802 birds: 11-13-28-29-!

At 13rd May, race from Yeovil
Against 1.247 birds: 3-7-18-27-28-34!

Also the race of last weekend (20. May) was a very good race for John, but the federation result was not finished yet.

The winner of the races from Wollaston and Tewkesbury is the cock NL15-1849657 bred by us.
It is the nestmate of “Olympic Jan”, who was 2nd Olympiad yearling for UK last year!
So the nestbrothers who raced very well…looks like a new “Harry & Cees” – story.
The “Brother Olympic Jan” did race very well and has now 3 federation victories on his name!
His best results are:
1. against 3.250 birds
1. against 1.911 birds
1. against 3.224 birds
2. against 1.240 birds

See here the beautiful pedigree of the “Brother Olympic Jan”:


Here the picture of his nestmate, the supercock “Olympic Jan”

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