Son Cees

1st NPO winner

The “Son Cees” is raced by Jan Hooymans.

After a regular year as yearling with 10 normal prizes, as a 2 year old cock he was very good.

At the long distance races he won:

1. NPO Chateaudun – 1.974 birds (500km)
30.NPO Gien 4.607 b. (500km)
38.Nat Chateaudun – 12.511 birds (500km)
48.Nat Chateauroux – 12.313 birds (600km)
172.Nat.Chateauroux- 17.792 birds (600km)

He is bred from ‘Cees’ the nestbrother of Harry.
He is halfbrother to “De 400”, 1st National Acebird Middle Distance NPO for Harrie Kennes.

Geslacht: Doffer
Geboortejaar: 2016
Discipline: 100-750km wedstrijden

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