5th of May: pigeon wheather from Peronne

7 mei 2018

It was real pigeon weather last Saturday, May 5 from Peronne (265km).
With a clear blue sky and an easterly wind from the western Peronne the pigeons did not receive it easily.

The wind was not favorable for our location (in the east) but these are often the flights on which the better pigeons (if healthy) come out well.

At 8:30 the pigeons got the freedom and we initially estimated a speed of 1250mpm.
But it was later and later and the speed dropped well below 1200 mpm.

Then at 12:18 a widower comes to the inside, shortly followed by a loft mate.
Then it is 3 minutes wait until the next pigeons arrive and then the arrivals follow each other quickly.

The cocks are in better condition again, with the first 31 pigeons we only have 6 hens.

The result was not bad:

In our club against 849 birds we started with 8th and 12th (1st and 2nd birds from the East-side in our club).
In Region C against 4.093 birds we started with: 15-22-53-63-72-74-76-102 etc. (147/70).
We won 36 prizes 1:10.

In the department NPO the prize% is slightly higher:
77 prizes of 147 basketed birds = 52%
38 prizes 1:10  (= 26%)


The first one was a yearling cock 17/422.
Two weeks ago he was our first bird also.

The father is “De 400” we bought from Harrie Kennes, 1st National Acebird NPO Midfond.
The mother is “14/806” daughter to “Harry x 5005” (from Da Vinci x Hilde).
Our second one is “Baron Harry”.
As yearling he won 1e NPO Bourges (2e N.U. tegen 14.226 duiven).
He is bred from “Blue Baron” (via Colijn & Fox) paired to “Incredible Lady” (from Harry x Alexia).

The 3rd is a yearling cock.
His father is  “Blue Baron” again, but now paired to “14/707” (daughter to Harry x Laatje 56)


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